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Parent Volunteer Roles

  • Scorekeeper

  • Score Turner

  • Libero Tracker

  • Line Judge

  • Equipment Take Down (Post Game)

  • Food Manager for Tournaments

  • Team Display Board

  • Photographer


More Details

​Because this is a volunteer-run organization, each family is expected to volunteer.  There will be opportunities after school, work, or even on the weekends and we will use a Sign Up Genius to track open volunteer positions.  A few notes: 

  • If you are working courtside during the matches your child plays and you must be able to stay calm and focused during the matches.  These roles include:  Score Keeper, Score Turner, Libero Tracker, and Line Judge.  If you have small children that need constant supervision at a match, these positions will not be the best ones for you or bring a sitter or friend to watch child during game.

    • You must have your cell phone turned off while scorekeeping. 

    • We do allow mature siblings to score flip with a parent scorekeeper, but they MUST pay attention to their job and take it seriously. 

    • The GHSA scoring system used for our matches is the same one used by the high school, so you will learn a skill to help out the high school team in the future.

    • The roster and serving order will be provided at the start of each game by the head coach. 

  • The Volunteer Coordinator will let you know the matches for which we must provide line judges, scorekeepers/flippers and libero trackers. We provide these roles for all of our home weekday matches, most tournaments, and possibly some away matches.

  • Photographers are needed to capture team, coach and individual player photos, but even more importantly, we need great action shots for our website and the yearbook!

  • Equipment Take Down is required for all home games.  This volunteer role is for post-game only.  The net, poles, balls and ball cart will need to be returned to the storage closet. 

  • Tournaments are typically an all-day event on Saturdays.  Due to the length of time, we provide food and snacks for the players only.  The Food Coordinator role is responsible for coordinating delivery, sign ups, etc.   Also unique to volleyball in the southern region of the country is the use of Team Display Boards.  This is a great opportunity for our creative parent volunteers to take the headshots of the girls and coaches and create a display board that sits at our food table at the tournament site.  It is very fun to walk around and see the decorated tables and display boards for each team.  This role can work with the Food Coordinator on specifics regarding space and needs. 


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