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Parent Volunteers

(need a set for each team)

  • Team Manager

  • NJBD Communication Manager

  • Food Manager

  • Photographer

  • Scorekeepers 






More Details
  • You will be working courtside during the matches your child plays and you must be able to stay calm and focused during the matches.

  • If you have small children that need constant supervision at a match, this position will not be the best one for you or bring a sitter or friend to watch child during game.

  • You must have your cell phone turned off while scorekeeping. 

  • We do allow mature siblings to score flip with a parent scorekeeper, but they MUST pay attention to their job and take it seriously. 

  • The GHSA scoring system used for our PCMS is the same one used by the high school, so you will learn a skill to help out the high school team in the future.

  • You will need to make a working team list for each match that we officiate using template that will be provided to you.

  • Your coach will let you know which playdate matches we must provide scorekeepers for. We provide scorekeeping for all of our home weekday trimatches and possibly some away matches. 

  • Email your scorekeepers the working list, so they know what matches they will be working. Send reminder emails as needed. 

  • Let your coach know asap of any scheduling problems that you are having for a match, so they can help solve the problem. 

  • Your goal as manager is to make sure we have 2-3 parents who can scorekeep for your team. Please don’t try to do all the matches yourself. 

  • After each match you will enter the final match score on the working team sheet. At the end of a tri-match or playdate, give all scores to the website manager for posting. 

  • Keep all completed working team list/score sheets in your binder.


Equipment Manager

This job requires lifting equipment, such as posts, nets, tables, chairs and ref stands. You must be able to come early (45 minutes before match start time) to all of the home matches. You are also in charge of putting all the equipment away at the conclusion of our home matches, although parents and players will help.More Details

  • You will need to learn where the equipment is and how to set it up.

  • You will need to arrive at 40 minutes before each home match begins to help setup. 

  • Setup the nets first, so the teams can begin warmups on time. 

  • Once you have the courts setup, you will check with the R1 official to ensure everything is satisfactory with the setup. 

  • Setup requirements for a home match. Diagram to be provided to use as a reference.