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Parent Volunteer Roles

  • Scorekeeper

  • Score Turner

  • Libero Tracker

  • Line Judge


More Details

​Because this is a volunteer-run organization, each family is expected to volunteer.  There will be opportunities after school, work, or even on the weekends and we will use a Sign Up Genius to track open volunteer positions.  A few notes: 

  • If you are working courtside during the matches your child plays and you must be able to stay calm and focused during the matches.  These roles include:  Score Keeper, Score Turner, Libero Tracker, and Line Judge.  If you have small children that need constant supervision at a match, these positions will not be the best ones for you or bring a sitter or friend to watch child during game.

    • You must have your cell phone turned off while scorekeeping. 

    • We do allow mature siblings to score flip with a parent scorekeeper, but they MUST pay attention to their job and take it seriously. 

    • The GHSA scoring system used for our matches is the same one used by the high school, so you will learn a skill to help out the high school team in the future.

    • The roster and serving order will be provided at the start of each game by the head coach. 

  • The Volunteer Coordinator will let you know the matches for which we must provide line judges, scorekeepers/flippers and libero trackers. We provide these roles for all of our home weekday matches, most tournaments, and possibly some away matches.


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