Team Dues:

Club dues (estimated at $350-$400) pay for insurance, gym fees, tournament entry fees, ref fees, bank fees, website fees, booster club legal fees, practice equipment, food at tournaments and team jerseys.


Online Store:

The online store is the only place to find our bags and practice shirts. Returning players can replace lost, damaged or outgrown practice shirts or backpacks, if needed.


New Players are required to purchase the new player bundle ($90); which includes an embroidered team backpack and 3 practice t-shirts. This is an additional cost to club dues. Other items for purchase include spandex, socks, ankle guards, etc.  Players are required to have navy or black spandex for games as well as navy or black socks and kneepads.  Ankle guards are recommended but not mandatory.  Jerseys will be passed out on Tuesday and must be returned at the end of the season.  There is a $65 replacement fee for each jersey not returned.


By ordering from this website you support our teams! This is our main fundraiser for the season. We are not a Gwinnett sanctioned sport and therefore responsible for all costs of running these teams.