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Meet Our  Coaches!


A Team Coach Emma Hill is the Assistant Director of Student Ministries just down the street at Simpsonwood United Methodist Church.
She grew up in Norcross/Peachtree Corners and is excited to help grow the sport of volleyball in her hometown.
Coach Emma grew up playing every sport imaginable, and she finally found volleyball at the end of 8th grade. It was love at first spike! She played at NHS all 4 years and at NAVC, coached at PCBC & the Y, and is now a club coach at A5 Gwinnett. She is passionate about  helping girls develop a love for the sport of volleyball and to empower them to become strong, independent young women through sport.
She graduated from the University of Georgia with degrees in Psychology and Athletic Training and is a Bulldog through and through but has a soft spot for Norcross Blue Devils in her heart.


B Team Coach Taylor Hentz is a college student currently in school to become a surgical technician. She has been playing volleyball since her freshman year of high school. She played volleyball at a collegiate level for 1 year at a division 2 school. She has coached girls volleyball for almost 4 years. She cannot wait to return for her 2nd season as an NJBD coach. She is passionate about coaching and is looking forward to sharing her knowledge with all of NJBD's players. 


C Team Coach Emma Mock is a freshmen at Georgia State University. She started playing volleyball at the YMCA when she was 12 and loved getting to learn the sport and develop her skills. She made the freshman volleyball team at NHS and really enjoyed applying the skills she learned the past three years to a more challenging platform. She is very excited to have this opportunity to coach our NJBD girls and teach them about a sport she loves. She's condient they will enjoy the sport as much as she does! 


C Team Coach Ella Mock is a Senior at Paul Duke STEM high school. She is an honor student, a Sunday School group leader, & a graphic designer. She started playing volleyball at the YMCA when she was ten, and played all through middle school. She started out knowing nothing about the sport, but put herself out there and tried something new and ended up loving her time as a player! Her goal is to create a safe and fun space for all of the NJBD players to come and learn volleyball. She is very excited to coach our team, and can’t wait to meet the players! 

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